Class Prices

Monday:       8:15am-  Power Yoga- *heated

                      9:30am Vinyasa yoga w/essential oils 

                      6:10pm Easy Flow (beginner/all levels)

                      7:30pm Yin yoga-deep stretch (all levels)  


Tuesday:      10:00am  Morning People's Yoga 

                       5:00pm - Power Yoga

                       6:15pm   Zen Light Yoga  NEW TIME!!!

Wednesday:  8:15am-  Power Yoga- *heated

                       5:30pm Strength and Stretch 

                       6:45pm- I'm Too ________ for Yoga   FREE!!!


Thursday:     6:30pm- Vinyasa Yoga w/essential oils


Friday:           9:30am  Vinyasa Yoga w/essential oils  


Saturday:       9:00am Community Class , only $5


Sunday:         2:00pm   Power Yoga (reservations required- 812-240-6502)    

                        3:30pm- Hot....Slow.....Flex    

                        5:00pm Yoga for the new week